• Covered Buckle-8

Covered Buckle-8 7/8Inch This is where you send us the fabric and we cover the buckle. The measurement is the INSIDE of the buckle, where the bar is. Not the out side edge

Material to cover the buttons or buckles needs to be sent to:

The Country Store
7024 S River Rd
Olathe, CO 81425

In the envelope put 

  • the order # 
  • the right or wrong side or mark on the material
  • and the return address where the buttons should be sent back to.

Covered Buckle-8


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Convert Fraction of yard to Decimal

You can now purchase a fraction of a yard instead of the next whole yard, it is in decimal instead of fraction so here is a conversion chart. The minimum per piece is 1 yd, or you will get a Paypal error when checking out.

1/4 Yard = .25
1/3 Yard = .33
1/2 Yard = .5
2/3 Yard = .67
3/4 Yard = .75