• 2" Special Occasion Printed Satin Ribbons
Special Occasion Ribbon

Special Occasion Printed Single Face Satin Ribbon Colors, Available in 1.5" wide and in 2" wide 

This ribbon is only sold as a printed ribbon with a verse on the ribbon cut into 7" lenghts. Not sold by the yard as plain ribbon.  

Discount Quantity Prices:

2", 50count 1.20 @, 100count 1.00cents @, 200count .90cents @, 300count .83cents @, 400count .78cents @, 500count .74cents @.

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2" Special Occasion Printed Satin Ribbons

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Convert Fraction of yard to Decimal

You can now purchase a fraction of a yard instead of the next whole yard, it is in decimal instead of fraction so here is a conversion chart.

1/4 Yard = .25
1/3 Yard = .33
1/2 Yard = .5
2/3 Yard = .67
3/4 Yard = .75