Slip Style #008

Slip Style #008

Product Code: Slip Style #008

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VF 10-125 This is a custom made slip. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery. Partial bodice lace, 1/4" back bodice lace, 1/2" skirt lace with slits up both side seams for wider skirt allowance. This style is available in white and black tricot.

This style is like the slip that Vanity Fair used to make, but are now discontinued. These slips are not actually distributed by Vanity Fair. This number is used so that those of you who used to buy these styles know what kind of slip this is. The tricot however is not shiny tricot like Vanity Fair used. Please take note that this fabric will shrink just a little if dried too long in a hot dryer. Line drying or cool tumble drying is recommended. 

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Slip Style #008
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